Hello, everyone!  My name is Mikaela and I am a 27 year old paramedic living and working in Vermont.  My EMS journey started in 2015, when I made the decision to enroll in an EMT class while finishing my Interdisciplinary Music Studies degree with Berklee College of Music.  

Ever since I was little, I was fascinated by all things medical and “gross”.  I loved anatomy, pathology, and abnormalities of all kinds.  One year when I was young, my Christmas wish list just consisted of anatomical models, with the number one item being a life-size skeleton!  Since then, my medical interests continued to grow, but I could never see the right way to turn it into a career.

Then, one day in 2015, I was watching Chicago Fire on NBC and fell in love with emergency medicine.  Who knew that one TV show would change the path of my life forever?  But it certainly did and I have been enjoying this crazy ride ever since!

After a couple of years as an EMT, I decided that I was ready to take the dive into paramedicine in 2017.  I absolutely loved the program and found myself wanting study materials that weren’t actually available.  So, I took it upon myself to create them.  Not only did they help me pass my classes and tests, but they turned out to be quite useful for my classmates, as well.

Then, I was asked by my professors to be the program’s paramedic tutor for the following year’s students, and my little study aids continued to gain popularity.  I soon discovered that there were even more areas in EMS that were lacking specialized resources, which led to the creation of the Run Card and, eventually, my other products.

I never set out to start a business.  I was just filling holes as I found them, simply to streamline my own study and work habits.  But, as I got to know more students and first responders, it became clear to me that I wasn’t the only one who could benefit from these creations.  And so The Nerdy Medic was born!

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